Joining The Sevrer

So you want to play Survival Time with your friends? Well, if you don't have Minecraft on your computer, you will need to download Minecraft. Once you have downloaded Minecraft, you will need to create a Mojang Account and buy a Minecraft account here. Once you Minecraft installed and you have a valid Minecraft account, you are ready to join the server!

Once you've opened Minecraft:

    1) Click on Multiplayer

    2) Click on Add Server

    3) In the IP section, type in

About the server

This server is a Spigot server with over 50 modification plugins to enhance your Minecraft experience.

We also have a Discord Server, which you can get an invite to here: Survival Time Discord Invite

You will get temporary status on the Discord with this link until a staff member promotes you on Discord.

This server features:

  • A player-run economy (you earn money through game-created jobs on the server)
  • An RPG-based experience & levelling system called MCMMO
  • The ability to teleport to different locations and set home locations to teleport back to
  • PvP and Mob Arenas
  • The ability to claim and protect land and lock your chests
  • The ability to create GIFS in-game (Yes, Nyan cat GIFS are possible)
  • And much more!

For more information on the things you can do in-game, including commands, and tutorials, please click the button below or the sidebar for Help & Commands!

Help & Commands